Matthias Quiring aka "Moe", born in 1984 in Germany, found his love for music at a young age. He started playing the cello at the age of nine and won several 1st and 2nd prizes in one of the biggest competitions for up-and-coming talents on regional and federal level. His success encouraged him to pursue other musical experiences. At the age of nineteen, Moe didactically learned to play the guitar and considered to start getting a guitar major only one year later. 


Now, he feels home in a variety of musical styles, such as pop, rock and classic, paired with modern influences.


After two years living in California with his wife, a singer and vocal coach, Moe started working as a teacher for guitar and cello in 2012 and graduated successfully from the Musicube Academy in Bonn, Germany, where he studied film scoring and composition.


After finishing his studies, he now works as a composer for a variety of image, short and feature films and commercials.